Building a Sacred Space for Spiritual Growth – Support Our Assembly Hall Construction Drive

Rationale: The increasing number of monks year after year has created a pressing need for a safe, adequate, and proper assembly hall. This shortage has also inconvenienced the general public and lay practitioners who regularly come to receive teachings, attend festivals, and perform rituals.

Purpose: To construct a new, grand multipurpose assembly hall that will benefit not only the Chumey community but also the wider public.

Progress Update: We are delighted to report that construction, which began in 2022, is currently in full swing. However, we regret to inform you that due to a lack of funds, we may be forced to put the construction on hold soon.

How You Can Help: Offer to the Construction Fund

The construction costs are substantial, partly due to recent inflation. The estimated overall cost of construction was BTN Nu. 70,000,000.00 (Seventy Million), but we have already spent BTN Nu. 20,000,000.00 (Twenty Million). We are reaching out to our supporters in the hope of securing the remaining BTN Nu. 50,000,000.00 to help us complete the multipurpose assembly hall. Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated and will go directly towards the construction of the hall.

Offerings can be made via the following bank accounts:

Bank of Bhutan (BoB Account): 100804598
Bhutan National Bank (BNB Account): 5100032461001
Punjab National Bank (PNB Account): 110210007447

Target: BTN Nu. 50,000,000.00
Achieved: BTN Nu. 0.00 (0.0%)

Remaining: BTN Nu. 50,000,000.00